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Cloves: properties and benefits

Cloves have local anesthetic and analgesic properties, so they were used in the past as a natural remedy against toothache and are still present in the composition of many oral disinfectants.

Cloves are called the dried still-closed buds of the "Eugenia caryophyllata", a tree native to the Moluccas (Indonesia), but nowadays cultivated in many tropical areas: Antilles, East Africa, China and Zanzibar, a small island in the Indian Ocean, which is the world's biggest producer of this spice.

They stimulate blood circulation, help to overcome exhaustion, headaches and loss of memory, are digestive, invigorating and, it would seem, also powerful aphrodisiacs!
Sienese doctors of the 500 wrote that cloves, cooked in a cup of milk, stimulate the "forces of Venus" and that "benefit from the defects of the stomach, the liver, the heart and the head" and "corroborate to the coitus".

Another virtue of this precious spice is to be a powerful natural antioxidant: it fights the action of free radicals keeping the organism young.

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