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Lindt bar fondant Gold 300g

Very fine dark chocolate with 50% cocoa as it was created by Rodolphe Lindt in 1879, wrapped in a wonderful golden garment. 300 grams of pure melting goodness.

Lindt dark chocolate bar 100g

Dark chocolate with 50% cocoa, a recipe created in 1879, was the first dark chocolate in the world.

Today the 100g tablet is still part of Lindt's assortment and keeps the recipe and the wrapping of the time unchanged.

Lindt Dark Gold tablet with hazelnuts 300g

A recipe that combines the finest dark chocolate with crunchy whole toasted hazelnuts. In the 300g format wrapped in a precious and elegant silver packaging.

Lindt dark table 72% 100g

The prestigious Lindt chocolate in the extra-dark 100g tablet version with 72% cocoa.

Lindt dark table with almonds 300g

A precious silver wrapping wraps a 300g bar where the finest dark chocolate joins crunchy whole almonds.

Lindt double milk tablet 100g

100g tablet with a shell of fine milk chocolate containing a soft filling with milk.
A simple recipe masterfully interpreted by the Maitre Chocolatier Lindt

Lindt Lindor milk tablet 100g

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Lindor milk

The inimitable flair of Lindor milk in the 100g tablet format.

Lindt milk tablet 100g

The most traditional of Lindt recipes, the result of the experience of the Maîtres Chocolatiers, soft milk chocolate in a 100g tablet with a simple and elegant design.