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Domori Fave di cacao 100g

Category: Domori

Whole, toasted and shelled
To savor the aromas of the plantation, where the magic of chocolate is born.
Extraordinarily aromatic and persistent tell the origin of the incomparable finesse of Domori chocolate.

Domori Gran cacao 30g

Category: Domori

Grain of cocoa beans covered with dark chocolate
The notes of the noble cocoa enclosed in refined gems of dark chocolate.

Domori IL 100% - Criollo 100% 25g

Category: Domori

100% dark chocolate bar
Hacienda San José, Venezuela
Pure Criollo cocoa mass, for a unique sensorial experience.

Domori Trinitario 100% 25g

Category: Domori

Pure cocoa mass and nothing else. One ingredient for endless shades
aromatic: dried fruit, caramel, honey, toast ... An absolute experience. An extreme passion.

Domori Trinitario 70% 25g

Category: Domori

The best varieties of Trinitario cocoa selected by Domori come together to create a round and delicate aromatic chocolate with pleasant notes of dates, cereals and milk cream.