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Venchi Blend 75% 1Kg

Category: cioccolattini

Blend 75%: dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa for a persistent and warm taste.

Venchi Blend 85% 1Kg

Category: cioccolattini

Blend 85%: chocolate blend of various origins including cocoa mass Ecuador, for a chocolaty with a slightly smoky taste.

Venchi Cubotti 75% 1Kg

Category: cioccolattini

A classic recipe of the Venchi chocolate tradition: a dark chocolate with a high cocoa content for a persistent and intense flavor.

The Cubotto 75% is a simple chocolate, without filling, for those who love the taste of chocolate without interference.

Venchi Cubotti 85% 1Kg

Category: cioccolattini
Cubotto 85%: 85% dark chocolate with various cocoa masses including Ecuador

Venchi Cubotto Chocaviar 75% 1kg

Category: cioccolattini

Chocaviar 75%, the most appreciated and iconic Venchi chocolate.

Venchi Giandujotto Antica Ricetta 1kg

Category: cioccolattini

Historical recipe Giandujotto Venchi with Piedmont Hazelnuts I.G.P. Traditional green / gold wrapping.

Venchi Napolitain 100% 1Kg

Category: cioccolattini

Napolitain 100%: cocoa mass Venezuela in purity

Venchi Nougatine 1kg

Category: cioccolattini

A timeless classic, crispy caramel of chopped and caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts covered with 56% dark chocolate. One of the most famous products of the Venchi brand, based on the history and success of our company.