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caramelle senza zucchero

Horvath Anise without sugar 1kg


Delicate aniseed candy without sugar.

Horvath Assorted fruit hard without sugar 1kg

Assorted fruit

Assorted sugar-free candies in orange, lemon and strawberry flavors.

Horvath Balsamic without sugar 1kg


Sugar free menthol and eucalyptus candy for an immediate balsamic effect.

Horvath Coffee without sugar 1kg


The intense taste of coffee in a delicious candy without sugar

Horvath Gelées fruit without sugar 1kg

Gelées fruit

Delicious jelly without sugar with pure orange juice, lemon, strawberry and apricot.

Horvath Honey and propolis without sugar 1kg

Honey and propolis

Delicate honey and propolis candy without added sugar for a sweet throat relief

Horvath Mint hard without sugar 1kg


Fresh candy without sugar with Piedmont mint.

Horvath Moramor chewy liquorice without sugar 1kg

Licorice moramor

The Horvath candy best known and appreciated by consumers: soft liquorice-like gummy without sugar.