Luxardo Amarascata (extra jam of marasche cherries)

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Amarascata® is an extra jam of maraschino cherries, the fruit cultivated and processed by Luxardo for the distillation of its well-known Maraschino, and for the preparation by the infusion of the Moravacco marasca liqueur.

In the Amarascata® jam recipe, the percentage of fruit used is extremely high: 170 g of fruit per 100 g of final jam.

The percentage of added sugar is very low (<30%). No thickeners of any kind are used, nor dyes or preservatives.


With a characteristic, sour taste, typical of the marasca (an acidulous variety of cherry, not to be confused with sour cherries or sour cherries).
Amarascata® is not a normal sifted or pasted jam, but is presented in "small pieces", although it is still spreadable.
Bake well, without boiling or dirtying the pan.


Tasting in purity, with the support of shortcrust biscuits or cantuccini.
In all pastry processing based on short pastry (pies, barchette, etc.).
As an ingredient in dish desserts, semifreddos and meringue ice cream.
As a filling in traditional pies.

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